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Fleece Show and Sale


June 6, 2020 Carberry Community Memorial Hall

Blue Hills Fibre Festival and Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers are partnering to bring you the 2020 fleece competition. Both White and Coloured Wool Shows are featured. This show will be judged as a handspinning/artisan show.


Fleeces will be judged on soundness, cleanliness including yield as well as handle, staple length, crimp style and uniformity all suitable to the breed of the sheep. The judge and coordinator have the discretion regarding reclassification or disqualification of any fleece. Ties will be addressed by the judge.

The public may attend the fleece judging.


Ribbons will be awarded to 1, 2, 3 place finishers.

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion will be selected based on the overall, high scoring fleeces in the competition.

A Spinners Choice award will be determined by public voting. Voting will commence at the conclusion of the fleece judging. Ballot boxes will be available in the fleece show area.

General Class Organization:

Classes must have at least three (3) fleeces entered by at least 2 producers in order to be judged. Classes may be combined if necessary to meet this requirement. Maximum of 3 fleeces per class allowed per producer. Fleeces should be entered in classes based on wool characteristics and fineness (micron count).

White General Classes:

Class W1 – Fine Wool – Under 26 microns – Merino, Rambouillet, Targhee, Corriedale, Finn, CVM and similar crossbreds.

Class W2– Down or Medium Wool – 26-33 microns- Hampshire, Arcott, Dorset, Suffolk, Texel, Cheviot and similar crossbreds.

Class W3- Long Wool – 30-42 microns- Romney, Leicester, Lincoln, Cotswold, Wensleydale and similar crossbreds.

Class W4- Specialty- 18-42 microns – Karakul, Jacob, Icelandic, Shetland, Churro and similar crossbreeds

Coloured General Classes:

Class C1– coloured fine wool

Class C2 – coloured down or medium wool

Class C3 – coloured long wool

Class C4 – coloured specialty.

Fleece Preparation for the Show:

  1. Each fleece should be skirted (belly, tags and dags removed), folded, rolled with the shorn side out, starting from the britch and rolling forward toward the shoulder and placed in a clear plastic bag.
  2. At check-in, the entry form, fleece identification form and entry fee ($5) must accompany the fleece. All fleeces must be received by 10 am.

Spinner’s Choice Award:

Awards for Spinner”s Choice will be given for both white and coloured categories. Ballot boxes will be available at the Show venue following fleece judging.

Silent Auction:

Unless specified on the entry form, fleeces will be offered for sale by silent auction. Auction begins following fleece judging and closes at 3 pm. The last bid on the bid sheet is the successful purchaser. Purchasers can pick up their fleece at the end of the auction, and be prepared to pay either by cash or cheque.

Any questions regarding the judging or auction can be directed to the fleece competition coordinator.

2020 Wool Show Entry Form

2020 Wool Show Fleece ID Form

Some helpful resources

The Sheepspot Podcast – Wool Types Cheat Sheet

When looking for a fleece at a wool show – by Susie Gourlay

The classes of Wool – an article originally published in early 1900’s

Bought a fleece and don’t know what to do with it?

You may want to have it processed at one of the following Canadian mills:

Longway Homestead

Custom Woolen Mills (Alberta)

       Canadian Fibre Mill (Find them on Facebook)

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