Blue Hills Fibre Festival

For the people who love yarn, fleece and fibre arts.

Workshop Registration is now open!

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We have have two great workshops happening this year – Intro to Knitting with Mona, and Spindling with Lee. You have to register for these, there is a maximum participation for them.

The great news is, we also have a fabulous seminar on Fleece Prep happening just after lunch that is being held by our own wonderful Gail Kasprick. This seminar is FREE! We’re going to watch Gail start with the very basics of a raw fleece (right off the sheep). She’ll show us how to skirt the fleece, wash the fleece, pick the fleece, and even teach us how to prep the clean fibre for your next step, be it spinning or felting. This is invaluable information, and will be so much fun! Her seminar starts at 1 pm, right after the winner of the Wool Show is announced, so don’t be late!

All information on our workshops can be found on the workshop page on our site here, you must register for the others so you are counted in.

Thank you!!


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