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I bought a gorgeous fleece, but what do I do now?

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Have you ever thought it would be fun to dive into the wonderful world of processing a fleece from sheep to sweater, but weren’t sure where to start?  You can start at the Blue Hills Fibre Festival on June 6 at 1:00 pm.  We will be offering a free presentation on the basics of choosing, skirting, washing and processing a fleece to the point where it is ready to spin or felt or whatever other creative use you may have for it.  We will cover the basics of washing fleece, including the ever mysterious fermented suint method.  You will learn the basics of what type of sheep produce what type of fleece, what to look for in a fleece, and different ways to wash and dry the fleece.  We will show you that the job can be done with a minimum of investment in expensive equipment, and that it can be just as much fun getting the fleece ready to use as it is to use it!  No need to sign up. There is no fee.  Just be at the hall at 1 pm and join the fun!


One thought on “I bought a gorgeous fleece, but what do I do now?

  1. Just what I need! Bought a fleece last summer and it is still waiting to be processed. I’ve seen different methods but not really sure which is the right one. Look forward to seeing the list of workshops.

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